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How to pick a contractor

To take some of the sting out of finding a contractor, Empire builders has gathered some essential advice to assist you in making the right choice.

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Preservation and innovation working together; we bring historic architecture to life again.

New Construction

From pre-construction through the warranty phase, we strive to provide our clients the highest quality services.

Work Spaces

We turn great ideas into carefully planned and meticulously crafted working spaces.

Commercial Construction Savannah GA

In the business world, some changes require the adoption of new technologies. Your company may need to make various changes to boost its growth, including remodeling, expansion, and new construction. Whatever the decision, Empire commercial construction Savannah GA may be just the group to help you grow your business.

Why Empire Commercial Construction Service Savannah GA?

The growth of your business may not always be smooth, but expanding your organization will give you the advantage of generating new opportunities that enable you to compete effectively.  Though there can be many complications you might encounter when expanding your enterprise, but in there will be a time coming when you can enjoy the benefits. Commercial building expansion is a significant investment that will pay off in the future.

Empire Commercial Construction Savannah GA can add to the value of your business. Though there is rarely a perfect time to expand your business, planning for it always makes sense. While you don’t expect to make millions on your grand opening, as your enterprise grows, your profits, reputation and influence will grow as well. Empire Commercial Construction Services Savannah GA will help you design and build for growth in customers, employees and inventory.

Commercial Building Renovation

Renovating your business space can be a challenge. The scope and sequence of work, including soundproofing, repainting walls and rooms, installing new HVAC elements, replacing floors, rearranging walls with their required plumbing and electrical, etc. takes a lot of planning. If you hope to take your business to the next level, Empire Commercial Construction Savannah GA will make it stand out from the rest with our customized renovating options.

Renovations can also make work more comfortable for your employees. New colors and designs inspire enthusiasm and new ideas, and better productivity. Much of our focus on Business renovations focuses on optimizing work space and making working conditions favorable for communication and task completion. When cramped spaces are renovated to a more open layout, they feel more conducive to well-being and ease. Keeping your employees in touch with each other improves the flow of information and reduces isolation.

Included in the advantages of renovating your business space is the opportunity to improve the HVAC and other systems that may have aged past reliability.

New Commercial Construction

Many business owners prefer to construct new facilities, rather than renovate or remodel their current spaces. Newly built business space can be more cost effective and less intrusive. New technologies used in the construction of properties reduce commercial energy consumption. New office space can be customized depending on your interests and choices, and set you up for long term occupancy.

Constructing your space builds equity over time. Moreover, you can use your newly constructed commercial property as collateral in the future. There is the advantage of annual depreciation and other tax benefits.First impressions matter a lot, and new buildings are a reflection of the quality and capability of your business. There is freedom to incorporate your brand and image in the design which will support your operations for many years to come.

Work Space Construction

Every business owner wants to be ahead of their competitors. Beautiful and functional work spaces increase flexibility and triggers growth and development in the organization.Professional contractors such as Commercial Construction Savannah GA can help in positioning any commercial arena to succeed now and in the future. Organize your space now, and keep it organized!

As you evaluate any of the above commercial construction and have a look at your budget, contact our office for details on how we can help. We’ll waste no time in getting a proposal or bid back to you that will be competitive and detailed.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, listen to our actual customers!

“A friend of mine recommended Empire Construction to me and I could not be happier with my decision to use these guys. Empire does a great job of staying on top of the different specialties and did a fantastic job on all the work they completed from small tasks like hard wiring the doorbell all the way up to a complete bathroom remodel. With Empire Construction, you know you will get diligent workers who pay attention to detail and get the job done right. We were very impressed with the efficiency and quality of their work. I always recommend Empire. Of all the contractors I have used for a variety of home improvement projects, Empire Construction is by far the best and I will certainly use them again for future projects.”
Phillip Baron

How to pick a contractor

To take some of the sting out of finding a contractor, Empire builders has gathered some essential advice to assist you in making the right choice.

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